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Imajo supports England at World Cup with a massive promotion on their Footballer

22 May 2014 07:53


With World Cup fever about to engulf the world, Imajo is supporting team England with its No 10 shirted “Striker” rag doll available now for sale online and at all good toy and gift outlets in the United Kingdom.

To celebrate the excitement of the World Cup, Imajo is offering the Footballer rag doll with a 50% price reduction. “We decided to run a special promotion on our Footballer rag doll because we wanted all young football fans captivated by the World Cup to have a character doll to share their enjoyment and excitement while they watch each game.” says MD Jo Crombie. “Our research showed that kids of both genders are keen on football and we wanted to offer them a safe product with their own personality while they join their families in supporting England at the World Cup. He can sit on a shelf or the bed in between matches and be a reminder of the fun once the World Cup is over.” she continues.

The Footballer is part of Imajo’s Anisa range of unique, highly collectible rag dolls which are suitable for any age. Like all Imajo rag dolls, the footballer is made entirely of fabric and manufactured to a high standard in a factory which operates to ethical principles to protect employee safety and wellbeing.

His hair is sewn in, not glued, and at 37 cm, he is an ideal size. His red and white soccer strip can be removed with spare clothes available from Imajo. “Many rag dolls lack personality,” says Crombie, “so we have taken care to make our range of Anisa rag dolls stand out with a personality and expression which makes them unique”.

Imajo is growing year on year and is on a mission to produce and market distinctive, high quality rag dolls children will enjoy, and collectors will want to keep. Success came early when the “Rosanne” doll from Anisa range was used in Harvey’s Sponsorship ident for Coronation Street. Rosanne was on national television frequently when Coronation Street was screened and demonstrated the quality and endearing personality of the doll in the 12 second ident clips.

Imajo will be launching a new range of dolls – the Bonnika Collection in September this year and Crombie is excited by the prospect. “Bonnika will have even more design features with contemporary outfits and they are a very special family of rag dolls. Quality is exceptional and both kids and collectors will love them.” says Crombie.

Notes to Editors:
• Jo Crombie is MD at Imajo Ltd. Producers of Footballer rag doll, The Anisa Range, and Bonnika Collection of Rag dolls. She is available for comment on broadcast and print media.
• Imajo Details: 10B Hamilton Way, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6TQ.
• Media enquiries to : Jo Crombie,, 01425 600 600
• Footballer rag doll is available for sale at :
Retail -
• Social Media: Twitter @imajotoys
• Links to Roseanne Doll in the Coronation Street Ident:
• For Images of Footballer and Imajo Ragdolls go here:

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About Imajo

Imajo was established in 2008 and is a UK wholesaler of rag dolls and soft toys. The beautifully designed Bonikka collection of rag dolls were launched in Autumn 2013 and the range will increase fourfold in 2014. New Bonikka designs are due to arrive in August.

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