As the final ITN poll shows 17% EU voters are still undecided, and the final TNS Research poll shows 16% still undecided, users of the decision tool run by the small business PR platform, JournoLink, have escalated to 165,000, accounting for 1 in every 60 potentially undecided voters, as they struggle to decide whether to tick the ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ box.

As the site saw a further 80,000 resort to the questionnaire to help with their decision in the final day of campaigning, the indication of their voting tendencies has remained doggedly at around 55% Leave since launch just over seven days ago.

The biggest area of uncertainty remains the likely impact on the economy of an exit, with 30% of respondents consistently saying that they have no view on whether trade deals can be better negotiated from within, or outside of the EU, and whether the British economy would be stronger or weaker in the event of a Leave vote.

Whilst the majority of respondents have come from within the UK, over 8,500 have come from the rest of the world, many believed to be British expats. With an indication of a 55% Remain response, their voting tendencies are the complete reverse of the UK sample, indicating 56% Leave.

JournoLink has extended the availability of the questionnaire for use until the polling booths close at 10.00pm with the expectation that on current trends, users will have exceeded the 200.000 level.

A full set of backing data and voting tendencies across all 20 questions is available from

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About was setup by JournoLink, the online PR tool for small businesses.It features 20 questions covering Trade, Economy, Immigration, Defence and Governance.