Gender pay inequality figures for the top 8,000 companies with more than 250 employees are due to be reported in April. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is expecting a pay gap of 19.2% between male and female full and part time workers. ICD is positioned as experts who will help female staff negotiate the best pay outcomes to close the expected pay gaps.

ICD uses the latest research in neuroscience to support organisations by creating awareness of gender-specific behaviours and giving tools and techniques to progress and work collaboratively with individuals and organisations.

Says partner and co-founder Melanie Lilley, “We are a negotiation and communication training company which specialises in understanding biological differences between men and women, using in-depth neuroscience research to achieve the best outcomes for our clients on a corporate and personal level.”

The figures to be reported in April will include bonus payments and are designed, said former Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan, to “support women in their careers, from the classroom to the boardroom, leaving nowhere for gender inequality to hide.”

All well and good says Melanie, but with men dominating executive positions and responsible for action planning on gender pay, we need more than the traditional Diversity and Inclusion approach to close the pay gap. “We must base negotiations on the known science of how male and female brains function, so we can get the best- results for all parties in the negotiations to come,” says Melanie.

“There is a lot of dramatising out there with the #MeToo, white flowers and black dresses #PressForProgress campaigns. They mean different things to different people. We base our work on a scientific understanding of what is going on and educate all parties, so we can close the gaps and move forward,” says Melanie.


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