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ICare system complete the services to the vulnerable people

12 November 2015 16:00


ICare system complete the services to the vulnerable people

One month ago the CEO of New AXEL Ltd, Italian Davide Gasparin announced the ICare system project.
His easy-to-use and wearable products, also known as ‘modules’, are portable little pieces of equipment that provide heart rate monitoring, accelerometers to indicate a fall, SOS emergency calls, GPS location and tracking, reminders, voice commands for blind users and emergency services when required in a crisis.
New Axel's ICare system can also help to manage Alzheimers, dementia and other pathology. was born to guarantee the best support to the vulnerable people, making them free to live without constraints.
The development of such a business allows people to step outside and away from their beds with piece of mind that they are fully supported by Davide’s handy products, in case of emergency. Said Davide "the ICare system safeguards one’s independence and quality of life, no matter how old or frail."
Said Davide also "This is the first part of the project. It is necessary to complete it with security and automation parts"
One month after, Davide announced "The new features are ready.
• IP CCTV Module with behavioural analysis
• IP Control panel Module
• IP Home Automation
With these modules, the vulnerable people and the world of the healthcare support ( Local Authorities , Care Home) may have a complete solution that guarantee, Healthcare support, Security and home automation, to be added to the previous advantages.
The second part of the platform, it is designed for the Local Authorities and Care home where the full management and costs are really important, but can be installed on any situation.

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About New AXEL LTD

New AXEL LTD is a Trade company. Was born in UK in the October 2013, following the beautiful UK thought, PROTECT THE VULNERABLE PEOPLE. To reach this target, we have three rules: It must be easy, it must be reliable and it must be useful. Our activity is open on two ways. The first is the Healthcare Security and the second is the Physical Security. We use high technology in all our solutions and projects. Our team is composed by engineers that have managed healthcare assistance and security problems, for more time.
The major part of the activity of the Company is dedicated to the development of the New Healthcare Solutions “ICARE System”.

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