We've been carrying out a live experiment into the discrimination that exists in the dating world, especially when looking at muslims.

As a male from a muslim background, I wanted to find out how recent events have created a negative perception in the dating world for people like me.

So I created 3 different tinder accounts, and photoshopped myself to create 3 separate personas. Every day, over 28 days, my creative partner, Antonia Jackson and I, swipe right 100 times on Tinder and counted the matches on each account.

After 28 days of swiping right 100 times on each profile, persona 2, Ahmed got significantly less likes than both Alexander and Andre.

Interestingly, when looking at the ethnicities of people who likes the accounts, there does not seem to be an affinity bias, as an equal proportion of ethnicities liked each account.

This leads us to believe that even though there seems to be little racial discrimination in London's dating scene (as seen by Alexander and Andre's high amount of likes), the same can't be said for ethnic discrimination against Muslims, as our results suggest that the muslim name 'Ahmed' has prevented many people from liking his profile.

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You can see the results on instagram @thestudyofattraction

Kind Regards,

Zish Alexander and Antonia Jackson

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