Success is about hard work, not the grades you get, according to award-winning digital marketing expert Warren Knight, who left college early.

Warren, who left school after his parents split up, is now a serial entrepreneur recognised as a top 100 influencer.

He said: “When my parents split up and my dad left I had to leave graphic design college to help pay the bills. I went to work in a call centre from 9am-5.30pm and then delivered pizzas from 6pm-midnight each night.”

He has gone on to found Think Digital First, which aims to empower businesses to use digital marketing techniques to grow their audience and is due to launch the second edition of his book Think #Digital First on September 12.

His mantra is to work smart, use the right tools and have an active support network of people to utilise.

Warren added: “I wouldn’t say that I lost out by not going to university. I chose a different route and I’m so happy I did. A Level’s aren’t the be all and end all, so despite what others say you can still be a success even if your exam results aren’t the best.”

After more than 25 years in business Warren identifies digital marketing as the biggest game changer.

He believes that a failure to jump on the digital bandwagon by 2020 will cause businesses to fail.

Warren said: “My vision is that by the end of 2020 I want to have helped 100,000 entrepreneurs and business owners successfully sell more products and services online through the strategic use of social media, digital marketing and e-commerce. Having worked with hundreds of business owners already, I hope the launch of my new book with be able to help thousands more. If my story can inspire just one person without a university education to start a successful business I’ll be happy.”

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