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How to pick High Heels to wear to the Races

02 June 2016 11:30


It's so embarrassing to end a fabulous day at the races in bare feet, sore, a little tipsy, and carrying your shoes.

With these 5 easy tips, you can be the smart one, still wearing her shoes on the way home.

1. Be sensible about heel height. 3" is a good limit for all-day wear.
2. Avoid platforms. These are great for comfortably wearing a higher heel on flat ground, but a recipe for ankle twisting on grass.
3. If the shoes are comfortable and fit you perfectly in the shop: buy them. If not, please please save your money. Don't compromise on fit and comfort.
4. Pick a chunkier heel than normal. Trying to avoid sinking into grass when you're wearing stilettos is annoying, and makes you walk rather strangely.
5. Make sure there is plenty of padding under the ball of your foot, and that it still feels cushioned when you're wearing the shoes. Some shoes have a thin bit of padding that does nothing when worn.

With three glamorous race days coming up, make sure you select comfortable, beautiful shoes to wear all day.

Epsom Ladies' Day - Friday 3rd June

Ascot Gold Cup - Thursday 16th June

Qatar Goodwood Festival Ladies' Day - Thursday 28th July

With 18 years of experience speaking about, presenting, and working with just footwear, I am the UKs shoe expert. I love to share tips and tricks on how to select comfortable, high-heeled shoes so much, that I've written a book about it:

Find out more:

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Susannah Davda, the Director of The Shoe Consultant Ltd, has 18 years of experience in the footwear industry, and a degree in Footwear Design. She uses her expertise, and drive to help other women, to execute the company’s mission.

All shoes should be both comfortable and beautiful, and Susannah Davda helps women and shoe companies to discover how.

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