The spring season calls for a fresh approach to makeup and skincare, and Bennies Spa and Beauty is providing expert tips to help women everywhere to look their absolute best - without breaking the bank!

Bennies Spa and Beauty recommends beginning with a clear out of winter's heavier products and last year's makeup. Makeup expires like any other beauty product and it's best to start afresh with a few essentials.

Prime the skin with the right skincare routine. The Korean 12 step routine is the buzz in the blog world but beauty lovers needn't go this far for perfect skin! It's important to wash with a cleanser designed for each skin type, remembering that oil-based cleansers are excellent on normal to oily skin and cream cleansers are ideal for dry skin. Cleanse twice to remove grime and gently wipe the skin with a fresh muslin cloth or face flannel to ensure no residue remains. Follow with a toner or floral water, a light application of skin serum and then a moisturiser containing sunscreen.

With the skin primed, beauty fans can move on to your makeup. Last year's contouring craze has been replaced by highlighting, which will make use of a perfectly prepped skin base.

Apply a light foundation of choice. Mineral makeup is natural, soothing for skin conditions and naturally contains SPF. Look for pure formulations without unwanted extras. Alternatively, opt for a liquid foundation with moisture and built-in SPF. Test the colour on the inside of the wrist, or choose a BB cream which adjusts to each skin tone.

Add a little highlighter to cheekbones, eyebrow arches and temples and only gently powder the t-zone to create a spring fresh look. Add a touch of cream blusher to cheeks. Choose a neutral eye colour, and apply a grey or brown eyeliner to eyelashes for a seamless look. Check out our YouTube videos for guidance!

Curl the eyelashes before applying mascara and finish with a spring fresh pink, rose or neutral tinted gloss or sheer lipstick. The finished result will be fresh, pretty and ready for the brand new season ahead!

Bennies Spa and Beauty's Benedicta said: "Spring beauty is all about embracing lighter formulations, fresher colours and a lighter touch on top of perfectly cared for skin. Enjoy makeup for the new season and have fun with fresh pastel and neutral colours and new techniques!"

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