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Drink A Mix Ltd

How to be stirred but not shaken on New Years Eve!

21 December 2017 12:30


The Local Government Association, representing 370 Councils, will repeat its warning to party goers on New Years Eve this year, to avoid fake booze containing potentially lethal ingredients such as antifreeze.

As we approach the biggest drinking night of the year, innovative responsible drink loving business, Drinkamix, is positioning itself to be the safe option in avoiding the antifreeze.

Drinkamix is a team of professional cocktail experts providing an elite mobile bar service for events based in the heart of London and within the M25.

Founder Ashana Green claims that Drinkamix is the perfect answer for those looking for a unique but safe drinks service. “By sticking to carefully measured cocktail mixes we not only serve up great looking drinks, but do so responsibly,” says Ashana. “We always look to create something special for each event to make it memorable, and to match the cold weather often use dry ice to create ‘steamy’ cocktails.”

For New Year’s Eve Drinkamix has a special cocktail recipe lined up, which is aimed at avoiding the New Year’s Day hangover.

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About Drink A Mix Ltd

Drink A Mix is a bubbly interactive team of professionals providing an elite mobile bar service for events based in the heart of London and M25

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