Shelved Wine offers the answer to the prayers of wine connoisseurs in search of unique and distinctive wines by offering sommelier selected wines straight from their desktop and delivered duty paid to their door within 7 days.

“Were offering gourmet wines from real farmers with expert knowledge of the terroir and heritage of their products, and more interested in your drinking pleasure than anything else.,” says Shelved Wine CEO and founder Valentino Minotti.

Shelved Wine offers a selection of 130 gourmet wines from local farmers in Italy. You won’t find more than 5,000 bottles produced by many of their sommelier sourced wines which they bring to the online market offering uniqueness and distinction in their products. They work with a business model unique to themselves and collaborate in a parallel business with Federico Scarponi, best Sommelier of Umbria Region in 2011 and Morris Lazzoni, Italy’s famous wine blogger with his notorious blog “VinoperPassione”.

Customers can order from a minimum of 3 bottles to a maximum of 24 bottles in multiples of 6, and Shelved Wine goes to great lengths to ensure their shipping rates are competitive and even free on orders of eligible size. Customer service is kept high with a local returns warehouse from the purchasing country.

“Because our model focusses on the wine connoisseurs needs, our blog offers tips and information to help them choose the best wines to suit their tastes,” says Minotti, “Our business is all about wine lovers’ experience of our wines.”

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Shelved Wine is an online marketplace where users can purchase unique gourmet wines directly form local Sommeliers in Italy. Thanks an integrated technology Shelved Wine offer Duty & VAT compliance, secure payments and low shipping cost.