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How a working mum build a business empire

When Matylda Setlak, aged 26, arrived in the UK from her native Poland in 2006 with just £300 little she knew that soon she will run the biggest PR agency in the UK focussing on reaching the Polish consumer alongside one of a kind self-development training agency. But her biggest challenge was when in 2011, while her business really started to take off, her son was born. How did she manage to juggle home, children and growing her business? She shares some tips with us.
Setting up a new comms agency after just a few months since Matylda arrived in the UK was not easy or fast, especially with no funds. Only sheer perseverance, lots of hard work and most of all, believing in her vision, allowed her to slowly grow the company year by year. When Matylda arrived in the UK she noticed that there is no company offering tailored marketing for businesses serving the Polish customer. While Polish is the second most used language in England, and third in Wales and the Polish population grew rapidly it felt natural for Matylda that somebody should offer marketing services targeting the Polish community. So after a little research Matylda decided to leave her waitress job and set up All 4 Comms, a comms agency specialising in targeting the Polish consumer in Britain. Her intuition didn’t fail her – year by year the company was receiving bigger and bigger contracts with top British firms, like Tesco, and with public agencies, like the NHS or the Department of Education.
In 2011, when her first child was born Matylda had to find a way of managing home life with running a busy business, handling many clients every day. She decided to work from home and to be there for her children – as her daughter was born soon after – while using technology to manage her staff elsewhere. That was not easy – Matylda worked until the due date and came back to work two days after her kids were born. The first few years were hardest – now her children are 4 and 6.5 years old but still it is a big task to manage it all. Matylda says that it is very difficult to have life-work balance especially when you work from home and are a mum of small children but that it is possible with a careful planning. She shares some tips with us.
Matylda has two diaries: one for work and one for home. She says that everything needs to be there, including things like hairdresser or dentists for children, otherwise things become unmanageable with delays. She keeps daily, weekly and monthly diary and makes sure that everything in her home and work life runs to a schedule. ‘’That way’’ says Matylda ‘’I have time to be a mum for my children’’.
‘’Rest is very important’’ continues Matylda. She recommends making the time for rest in diary, too. Healthy diet, physical activity and supplements are also important to her to keep the energy going.
Although it is not easy Matylda says that she is very happy with her choices and that she wouldn’t have changed them. She is financially impendent for over 10 years and she is able to invest in property. She values independence, being her own boss and being able to work whenever she wants. The price of juggling everything seems to be very small.
When her children were born she didn’t stop there: she set up ExcellenceVale with a business partner, a self-development training agency, delivering courses all around the country for the Polish-speaking community. Her intuition didn’t fail her again: this has been yet another success, with as many as 650 people attending their events. The speakers are well known Polish personalities and business speakers, like Mateusz Grzesiak, Polish top psychologist.
Matylda tells us why British firms should target their marketing campaigns to the Polish community: ‘’Poles are a very large percentage of the working population and they spend their earned income in Britain. It makes a good financial business sense to reach out to this community. If you will leave them out, your competition can be first to reach them. Although that Poles are very well integrated with the British society they like to speak Polish language and they really appreciate when businesses reach out to them in their language – put it simply, it works. Our clients saw their sales quadrupling after targeting their marketing campaigns specifically to Poles. This works well with awareness campaigns and public agencies messages too. Our service can tailor campaigns according to traditions, values, religion and many other aspects making ethnic PR very effective’’.
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