Business cash advance provider, Excel A Rate Business Cash Limited, has seen a 50% increase in the number of clients within the hospitality industry looking to secure cash injections for refurbishments to facilities such as beer garden furniture, kitchen equipment and interior design.

This comes after months of severe weather and flooding across the UK, which caused damage to businesses estimated to have cost over £1 billion to the economy.

Many businesses have to wait weeks, or even months, for their insurance companies to fully pay out for damages, meaning that more and more are looking to alternative funding solution providers such as Excel A Rate Business Cash to solve their immediate cash flow problems.

Manchester based Excel A Rate Business Cash can offer unsecured cash advances to clients throughout the whole of the UK looking to make these kinds of improvements to their premises of up to £100,000, with no restrictions on how the funds are used, but subject to trading forecasts.

Many companies are looking to recoup the revenue lost over the winter period, by updating their businesses and being in a position to take advantage of the fine weather predicted for the Spring & Summer months.

Company director Colin Samuels explained why it is so important for businesses to be able to secure loans quickly and easily.

“Spring is such an important time for any company specialising in hospitality, catering or tourism. With both Mother’s Day and Easter just around the corner, followed by the summer season, it doesn’t give much time for hospitality businesses, with a need to update their premises, to do what they need to do to get customers in.

“If a pub or restaurant doesn’t have the financial capacity to seat people outdoors in the warm weather, or still has outstanding debt due to unfinished repairs, then business will inevitably dry up and customers will ultimately go elsewhere. That’s why we’re here to help”

“The sheer simplicity of our scheme allows our customers to plan ahead and commit funds as they need, but pay back in line with cash coming in; and with no up-front arrangement fees.”

For further information on this or any other available services from Excel-A-Rate Business Cash please visit, email or phone on 0161 724 2424.


Photo of Colin Samuels available if required.

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