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Crosse HR

Helping The Heroes With HR, The Vital Barrier to Growth In The Social Enterprise Space

20 October 2015 10:30


Olga Crosse’s firm Crosse HR has set out on a bold mission to remove a great barrier to growth for the emerging Social Enterprise startups that plug the gaps left by just for profit mainstream businesses and social services.

Social Enterprise startups are in the eyes of many simply not as sexy as the Tech startups. They garner less publicity, receive less support but are the heroes of the modern economic recovery. They provide jobs for many and vital services which for profit and government provided services just won’t touch. They give back to their environment, being not for profit, and now operate in virtually all arenas from Finance to farming from health to housing.

But their growth is hindered by the sheer cost of traditional HR services with employment being increasingly regulated by government. “When a company reaches 5 employees it just needs to have professional HR services. Without them it opens itself to huge reputational risks which can prove costly or catastrophic says,” Crosse.

Crosse HR provides a package of services with a formula that is both affordable and workable for social Enterprise startups. “We enable the startups to get on with their business free of the worry that comes from not having the legal, insurance, policy and procedure backups they need to stay legal within the regulations,” Crosse believes.

Social Enterprise startups need help with starting up and getting going, mentoring for their top teams, help with growth - through hiring, winning contracts, bids or merging. They need help with bid preparation, due diligence, consultation and administration. They need post TUPE harmonization and of course procedures covering disciplinary action and a raft of technical services like legal and insurance services. All are major barriers to these heroes of our economy getting off the ground and thriving. An HR service dedicated to their support is a major resource to help them rise above these barriers.

Crosse HR was involved in the recent Social Saturday activities offering advice and support to Social Enterprises with a special reduced price offers to members of Social Enterprise UK. It continues in its mission to help social enterprises thrive.


Notes to the Editor:

1. Press Requests for interview should be made to Olga Crosse Or by telephone to Tel: 0330 555 1139
2. Website Address: Crosse HR Website
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Olga Crosse

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About Crosse HR

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Honest, sensibly priced HR services for small and growing businesses that don't need a HR department.

At Crosse HR we’ve learnt that a great HR service should be geared to making your business work better, so you become more successful. It definitely shouldn’t hold you back.

Crosse HR offers sensibly priced HR solutions for every bit of your organisation, so you can stay focused on growth. That includes the strategic solutions you need as a leader of a growing organisation; responsive solutions because as an employer you need to get the people bit right; and operational solutions, so as a business you know you have the HR basics in place.

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