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Make a Donation

Helping star fundraisers make a £1,000 difference

23 April 2015 11:24


Make a Donation is offering fundraisers a unique opportunity to make a real difference to their chosen charity. As well as fundraising fee-free, star fundraisers have the chance to win their charity a £1,000 donation at the MaD Awards. is a unique fundraising website. It’s the only one in the UK where 100% of your donation goes to the charity. Whilst other fundraising sites charge up to 6.3% in fees, ensures that charities aren’t charged any fees whatsoever. Make a Donation’s vision is to change the future of giving in the UK and render fees for charities non-existent. However, is also passionate about making a difference in the short-term, which has brought about the MaD Awards. The first ever MaD Awards will take place in December 2015, where Make a Donation will reward the right people - star fundraisers. And what better way, than for Make a Donation to donate an additional £1,000 to their favourite charity?

Whether it’s a charity or a friend - anyone can nominate a fundraiser who has done something amazing to raise money for charity. Every month, selects one superstar fundraiser, who is entered into a shortlist for the MaD Awards. It’s the public who will ultimately decide which superstar fundraiser will win their charity the incredible £1,000 donation, with voting opening in November. David Finch, CEO of Make a Donation, comments ‘The future of fundraising is changing. Not only do we have a unique ability to thank fundraisers, but with the support of our business partners, we will ensure that commissions and fees become a thing of the past. And with the advent of the MaD Awards, we are also ensuring that charities and good causes can benefit even further. Make a Donation is more than just giving.’ is truly passionate about fundraising. Not only is it helping charities get every last penny of their hard-earned donations with fee-free fundraising, but enabling a star fundraiser to make a real difference to a charity close to their heart.

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About Make a Donation

Make a Donation is the only UK fundraising & crowd-funding site where 100% of your donations goes to the charity. Whilst other fundraising sites (including JustGiving) charge up to 6.3% in fees, Make a Donation doesn’t charge charities any fees whatsoever and never will.

Make a Donation is so passionate about fee-free fundraising that it even pays the bank transaction charges for charities - saving a further 1.7% per donation on average, something that no other fundraising site does.

Our vision is to change the future of giving in the UK - we strive for a world where fees for charities are non-existent.

How is this possible? It’s with the help of the business community - whether it’s through sponsorship, an affiliate or a monthly subscription, our business partners help us pay all fees for charities.

Our business partners also help us reward the generosity of our donors and fundraisers by offering exclusive discounts for their brands.

In return, Make a Donation works with these businesses to improve their social responsibility, connect with their communities, enhance their brand and promote their offers to our community.

Make a Donation offers a simple, effective solution which benefits all involved. We call it #morethanjustgiving

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