This Thursday, 13th October, escape games across the country will be donating their takings for the day to a charity of their choice and Norwich-based escape game History Mystery has chosen local charity The Benjamin Foundation, who help those in Norfolk deal with the many challenges life throws at them. Inspired by regular charity days held by Manchester-based escape game Breakout, Norwich's History Mystery Escape Game is leading the field in joining with Manchester to build this into a larger national event. History Mystery Managing Director Alasdair Willett, 45, said: "We think that this is an ideal fusion of fun and giving, and hope this will become a regular event. Plans are already afoot for another bigger and better day to be held in the new year, where we will work together with this wonderful charity to create an amazing event to raise more money for them."

Teams of between 2 and 7 players can book to play exhilarating real-life history-based escape game that immerse you in stories from Norwich’s rich history. These games are set in rooms steeped in history and rarely seen by the public and your mission is to unravel a mystery and save the day through a series of fun and challenging physical and mental puzzles, all in a thrilling race against the clock. If you fancy a dizzying dash through hundreds of years of Norwich's history, you can choose to save the City Historian, who's trapped in the secure archive, by solving the mind-bending puzzles strewn around his office. Alternatively, you can solve a real-life crime from when ghastly discoveries on the streets of Victorian Norwich sparked a murder hunt. In the Guildhall’s historic cell block, you’re the prime suspect and must piece together the clues to convict the murderer and find justice for the victim of a real-life murder that lay unsolved for 18 years, and you have just 1 hour! Alasdair says: "Whichever game you play you are guaranteed to have great fun, and every penny from the ticket sales will go straight to The Benjamin Foundation. You have all the fun, they get all the cash, everyone wins!"

The global escape game phenomenon is brought to life by History Mystery at Norwich’s medieval Guildhall, with true stories and game-play that’s a real hit with first-time players and expert gamers alike.

Each year The Benjamin Foundation help around 2,000 people through difficult times by providing them with hope, opportunity, stability and independence. This support comes in many forms including accommodation centres for homeless young people. They provide support and a safe place to live for vulnerable 16–25 year olds with no home, helping them get their lives back on track. They support families in crisis helping them repair damaged relationships and create happier families and provide support for children with emotional, social and behavioural needs at their own school in Great Yarmouth.

Games are still available for Thursday 13th October and more information, including booking, is available at or by visiting Norwich Guildhall.


For further information, please contact Alasdair at or call 07803 811587.

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About Captivate Heritage Ltd T/A History Mystery

Captivate Heritage Ltd introduces escape games to the heritage sector and is developing the next generation of captivating and profitable visitor experiences. Escape games are a visitor attraction phenomenon that is sweeping across the world, winning huge appreciation scores on Trip Advisor. The concept started in Japan, grew in continental Europe, and is now rapidly taking hold in the UK. In an escape game a group of 2 to 10 players are ‘locked' in a room and have to find clues and solve puzzles in order to win the game and ‘escape’, all against the clock as an hour ticks down. Typically played by friends and family of all ages, they are great fun, very addictive and in a History Mystery game you also get to experience real stories of historic people and places.

The company started in medieval Norwich and our vision is to open History Mystery game rooms in many more historic cities and heritage venues, bringing new visitors to the UK's much loved heritage sites along with much needed income to help preserve those site. We also plan to develop large scale live visitor experiences celebrating historical events and provide consultancy on history-based interactive visitor experiences.