Not everyday RIP bank account! Sometimes buy your beauty Favs and store them without breaking the bank! Listen up inner beauty neat freaks, this Makeup organizer is about to save lives and your wallet!

If you've been on the look out for a beauty storage system that's makeup organization envy , looks stylish and can store all your beauty Fav's then look no further.

The "Helen" Glambox can store everything. Palettes? Check , Lipsticks? Check, Foundations? Check, Highlights that glow from space? Hell yes. You can see through her and all your contents, there is a top lid in case you want to stack palette's high and unashamed. Use her but dont abuse her! She retails for £20. This is where style meets storage sense as well as not breaking the bank.

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10FT is a lifestyle and beauty startup company that is currently growing. Set to be the most stylish, fun and Instagram worthy products, do not miss out on getting your very own 10ft beauty item.

If you are looking for clean, stylish and affordable beauty items look no further!

Currently we offer beauty storage solutions, Beauty and Hair DIY videos. Our best seller the "HELEN" Glambox is the answer to all your beauty storage needs.

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