A Scarborough chocolatier, who received a heart transplant aged just 15, is hoping the people of Yorkshire and beyond can help her to expand her business.

Amelia Forrest, owner of Amelia’s Chocolate, is currently based in Victoria Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire and has launched her Crowdfunder bid to help raise funds towards moving her business to the former Street Cred retail outlet in the Balmoral Shopping Centre close to the town's high street.

Before opening her business, Amelia underwent a hear transplant after being diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. She later started her artisan business in 2011 from her kitchen table.

Amelia’s Crowdfunder bid includes a variety of exclusive ways to raise funds - such as a ‘Double Your Money’ option - to help this home-grown business reach new heights.

Amelia said: “Thanks to the success of our business in Victoria Road, we are now looking to have a larger, brand new chocolate bar, workshop space and retail outlet at this town centre location.

“Plans for the chocolate bar include the opportunity for customers to experience delicious hot chocolate and, by way of contrast, purchase some chilled artisan chocolate gelato!

“We hoping to raise the investment of £30,000 for the first stage of our expansion and our customers can support it by taking part in our exclusive Amelia’s Chocolate Crowdfunder events, which are only available until 2nd July 2018 on

“Our new premises will continue to be a way of promoting Scarborough’s thriving artisan business community and will create a number of jobs for the local area.”

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