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Business Enterprise Fund

Healthy Fast Food Brings Nourishment to Leeds

20 January 2016 11:30


David Stache is a qualified nutritionist. In 2010 he wanted to invest his passion for healthy living into a business. The process of finding the perfect approach took him through a number of ideas including a gym and specialist café, providing advice from a personal nutritionist with a diet and fitness routine.

After consideration David realised where the market was at and so decided to focus on the restaurant concept. Seeing how cheap fast food catered for the public’s busy schedule but not their waistline, David was inspired to offer an alternative so he opened his first ‘Nourish’ restaurant in Sheffield.

Nourish’s carefully created menu ensures each customer gets a healthy nutritious meal. To make this available for all, David was able to fit this into a fast food model, proving you can be healthy on the move.

In July Nourish opened its second outlet in Leeds city centre. With the help from the Business Enterprise Fund, David received a Start Up Loan to fund the new store. “I’ lived in Leeds for 9 years so I know it well, it made sense to open here” said David.

In its central location Nourish Leeds has been a popular hit with business men and women for breakfast and lunch. David’s ambition is for Nourish to educate the public too and make a difference in the world. This includes free workshops on healthy eating, ethical shopping and sustainability, as well as a scheme for customers to buy meals for homeless people.

BEF exist to help new and emerging businesses get off the ground. Investment Manager Julie Micklethwaite saw the potential of Nourish and the difference it could make. Since opening in Leeds David has created 19 new jobs, 17 of which are full time. This is set to increase as more chefs are employed and a food delivery service is launched.

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