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HealthUnlocked highlights importance of access to clinical trials

19 May 2016 17:15


As part of International Clinical Trials day (20 May), HealthUnlocked is highlighting the importance of opening up access to clinical trials.

HealthUnlocked, the largest social network dedicated to health, supports millions of people to better manage their own health using an online platform. Amongst a raft of health support options, it provides unique access of clinical trials to its users.

The international day is celebrated each year to commemorate the day that James Lind started his famous trial.

Chief Medical Officer, Matt Jameson Evans said: "Medicines are a key to everything from cancer to childhood croup. How we approach medicine touches our quality of life as a society in sickness and in health.

“Up to now access to clinical trials have mostly been confined to the most motivated of patients. Yet 70 per cent of HealthUnlocked members are interested in potentially taking part in clinical trials. By using our digital platform we are bringing together some of the best pharmaceutical names, together with people who may be interested in knowing more about a trial.

“The potential for this to change the way medicine and research works, should not be underestimated.”

Notes to editors:

1. HealthUnlocked is the largest social network dedicated to health in the world. It has over 600 health-specific communities, 3 million monthly users, and its own health-specific Artificial Intelligence.
2. It connects patients with conditions like arthritis or cancer to solve day to day challenges together.
3. Clinicians, the NHS, insurers and industry can use HealthUnlocked to link up with patients safely online. It is changing how healthcare can be delivered, developed and managed
4. HealthUnlocked is working with pharmaceutical and research clients to open up access to trials. Users indicate they are interested in clinical trials within their preferences

For more information contact Head of Communications, Alexa Chaffer
07789 693144

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About HealthUnlocked

HealthUnlocked is a web platform and mobile application, which allows users to join moderated online health communities in which they can:
Gain access to useful information and relevant services,
Seek advice, support and mentorship from people like them,
Be empowered to make better healthcare decisions,
Help advance medical research and understanding.

Key Facts and Figures:
Launched in 2012 in London,
>300,000 Members spread across the globe,
>600 communities generating more than 3.5m visits a month,
70% of our members want to take part in research,
HealthUnlocked’s platform is used as a clinical tool in 75 hospitals in the UK.

Connecting with other people in one of the many online communities helps users to better manage their health by gaining access to relevant health information, trusted advice and peer support. All communities are moderated by experts and cover a huge variety of health topics from cancer to running and everything in between.

HealthUnlocked provides valuable services to patient organisations, care providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations, which are designed to enhance care delivery, reduce utilisation of healthcare resource and provide unique access to real world patient insight and information.
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