Pioneering eye health giant Optegra is leading the way in healthcare by collaborating with enterprising platform,

Optegra has announced their partnership with Doctify, a platform which revolutionises the way patients connect with medical specialists. In this digital age, healthcare must keep up with the ever-evolving tech sector – something that can be achieved by partnering with fast moving tech companies.

Doctify is a UK health platform which provides a solution for patients who want to search, compare and book doctors online. The Optegra-Doctify partnership will give patients access to a large number of highly experienced NHS trained eye health consultants on Doctify. Patients will be able to read verified patient reviews and make an empowered specialist selection.

“We are always looking to enhance our relationships with healthcare professionals for patients to benefit from,” says Cat Acevedo, Marketing Executive at Optegra. “This partnership is a fantastic way of increasing accessibility to the highest quality Ophthalmic services with renowned Consultant Ophthalmologists and a wide range of treatments in specialist eye hospitals, to help individuals make an informed decision about their eye health.”

As of 2015, vision impairment affects over 2 million people in the UK and yet 50% of sight loss can be avoided or treated with with the right care. By joining forces with Doctify, Optegra’s eye specialists will increase their accessibility and boost their reach ensuring patients receive the very best treatment.

Dr Stephanie Eltz, co-founder of Doctify, says, “We seek to support and advance doctor-patient relationships by providing greater transparency and access to healthcare through innovation. The patients’ needs are at the heart of what we do.”

This collaboration will pave the way for further partnerships between established corporations and young companies, continuing the advancement of the way patients connect with medical specialists in the UK.

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RNIB Supporting People with Sight Loss

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For every one of us, the most precious thing we have is our health. Need a GP, dermatologist, dentist or cardiologist? allows you to search, compare and book a medical specialist in less than 60 seconds.

Doctify has established itself as the leading UK start-up in its sector. The company provides SaaS solutions for healthcare specialists across 47 medical specialists, enabling the thousands of patients using Doctify every month to improve the way they access healthcare. Doctify’s vision is to place its products in the hands of every healthcare provider and patient with a suite of interconnected mobile and web-based products is well on its way.

Doctify was recently awarded a prize by HRH The Duke of York in a competition run to identify companies that would likely drive future innovation in the UK HealthTech sector. In October 2016, Doctify announced that it had closed a Series A round led by top UK VC, Amadeus Capital.

Doctify is driven by a passionate belief that technology-led innovation can help drive greater transparency and access to healthcare: we are a HealthTech platform and we are building a revolutionary backbone for healthcare providers, doctors and patients.