Improving your health just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a London-based health tech business that offers vitamin plans tailored to your needs.

Vitamin Buddy, which started in January 2016, provides a personalised vitamin subscription to users that is based around their lifestyle and health goals.

Armin Ghojehvand, Founder of Vitamin Buddy, said: “After years of working behind a desk in a high-stress environment, my health started to deteriorate. I wanted to take vitamins, but had no idea what I should be taking. After leaving my accountancy job, I ran a café and that’s when I started investing more in my health. I had an idea to develop a menu for gym-goers, targeting specific goals, such as bulking up, losing weight, or those who wanted a high-protein diet. That’s when I came up with the idea for Vitamin Buddy.”

The start up recommends a subscription plan based on the users responses to their survey, which over 7,000 people have currently taken part in.

The data gathered from these surveys highlights that people struggle to maintain a healthy life, get the nutrients they need and suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety.

“It’s unsurprising, but only 15% of respondents eat more than 2 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That’s why Vitamin Buddy is so important because vitamins can help plug that gap,” said Armin.

Taking the right vitamin supplements can help people to maintain a healthier lifestyle and improve their stress levels. The problem Armin found though, is that most people don’t know which vitamins they should be taking and why, because they aren’t health experts. They also don’t have the time to filter through the huge amount of information on the internet to figure out exactly what’s best.

Armin, who is qualified as a nutritionist, added: “Before setting the company up I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how each vitamin and mineral plays a key role in helping your body function at its highest level. I then put together a team of health experts and nutritionists, and over the course of a year we created the Vitamin Buddy Quiz and algorithm.”

Vitamin Buddy wants to disrupt the vitamin supplement market by providing tailored supplement plans on subscription, delivered in a handy box, containing 28-daily packs to cover 4 weeks. Subscriptions start at only £20 per month and are flexible and customisable.


Notes to editors:

Vitamin Buddy vitamins are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and approved by The Vegetarian Society. They're also all made in the UK, and are free from any artificial fillers or binders.

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About Vitamin Buddy

Vitamin Buddy is a personalised vitamin subscription service.

Our website recommends an optimal blend of vitamins for our customers based on their lifestyle and health goals. Based on each person's specific nutritional needs, we tailor a 28 day plan of vitamins sent directly to their door.

Our vitamins are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and approved by The Vegetarian Society. They are also free from any artificial fillers or binders.