How much carbon has gone in to making a child’s toy? The problem is, no-one really knows!

The Kent based company, Gift Time For Kids has recently secured a grant from Kent County Council to develop features on their existing website which highlights just how much carbons goes into the manufacture, distribution and packing of toys.

Gift Time For Kids promotes a more sustainable option of creating a wishlist of activities for children which friends and family can then pay. No need to get that deluge of plastic that fills the living room and consequently our overburdened landfills.

Parents might be surprised to learn facts like 280 million tonnes of plastic material are produced annually. Or more astoundingly, ships which typically carry toys from manufacturing countries like China, accidentally plummet 10,000 metal containers in our Oceans each year, these are never recovered.

Already successful in allowing the creating of activity wishlists, Gift time For Kids will utilise the funding to build a further free tool which shows much carbon can be found in different types of toys or gifts. It will also develop an paperless thank you cards and an educational blog to raise awareness of the throw away culture and it’s harm upon our environment.

New features are expected to be live in June 2018, and figures will shock users.


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