Braintree, Essex - 21/12/2017.

In a climate of distrust and disillusionment with the financial and property sector, Braintree's Year End Consultancy Service provides a welcome respite. Providing a one-stop shop service encompassing property, financial and legal advice, the firm are set to usher in a new era.

House prices are stagnant, even in well-placed locations, such as Braintree, and wages are not growing with inflation. The events of the last few years have made for uncertain markets. People up and down the country require professional services that they can trust, so that they can make the most of the money they've worked hard to earn, and Year End Consultancy Service offers a solution.

Year End's trifecta of specialisms offer particular convenience and provide for a diverse clientele of everyone from first-time buyers to pensioners, which is a truly modern approach to financial advice.

Breaking out of the niches of legal advice allows them to give a flexible, ethical and multifaceted service. They endeavour to provide for the difficult modern realities of Britain, as well as catering to more traditional concerns.

The highly qualified team has earned its stripes in the community sphere, and therein lies their commitment to sound, ethical advice.

A company spokesperson for Year End said: "It is our mission to provide a well-rounded service and offer everything under one roof, whether that's financial, legal or property advice. Braintree hadn't realised what it was missing until it arrived."

Those who require it can arrange meetings either at the company's offices, at their home or wherever they choose, which is a welcome break from advisers and firms who insist on things being done on their own terms.

This refreshing approach extends to Year End's willingness to refer and recommend other specialists when necessary; they describe themselves humbly as a 'gateway to high-quality advice'.

Braintree has received something of a guardian angel, and hopefully this new approach will spread across the UK.

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Year End Consultancy is a one stop shop to obtain advice from highly qualified professionals relating to a range of legal, financial and property matters.