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Make a Donation

Going, going, gone: an amazing charity auction prize

15 April 2015 13:19


Make a Donation are teaming up with Nationwide Paintball to offer a truly amazing prize for charity auctions: a set of 30 paintball tickets (worth £450). The best bit is that it’s very simple for any charity to get their hands on. is a unique fundraising & crowd-funding website - the only one in the UK which doesn’t charge charities any fees whatsoever. This is unlike all others (including JustGiving), who charge charities up to 6.3% in fees. believes this is both wrong and unnecessary and is passionate about fee-free fundraising. As well as this, likes to go the extra mile for charities - whether it’s promoting their cause or paying all their bank transaction fees (something that no other fundraising site does). now have something new to offer charities and what better than a chance to get a fantastic prize for their next charity auction?

Any charity can apply for a set of 30 paintball tickets from Nationwide Paintball and these tickets can be enjoyed at over 100 different locations across the UK. Although there are a few simple conditions, applying for tickets is very easy - all it takes is an email. Roman Rock at Nationwide Paintball adds, “Selling paintball tickets at a charity auction has always been a great way of raising funds”. There’s plenty of exciting opportunities at and now is a great time for charities to get involved. David Finch, CEO of Make a Donation, comments, “This is a wonderful opportunity for charities to benefit from a really popular auction prize, courtesy of Nationwide Paintball. Make a Donation are actively working with the business community to change the way giving is paid for in the UK. It’s wrong that fees and commissions are deducted from donations and by working with our business partners, we ensure that this doesn’t happen at” is changing the future of giving in the UK - not only enabling charities to fundraise fee-free, but serving as a fundraising site that will go the extra mile to support the third sector. After all, was born out of a passion for charity fundraising and that will never change.

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About Make a Donation

Make a Donation is the only UK fundraising & crowd-funding site where 100% of your donations goes to the charity. Whilst other fundraising sites (including JustGiving) charge up to 6.3% in fees, Make a Donation doesn’t charge charities any fees whatsoever and never will.

Make a Donation is so passionate about fee-free fundraising that it even pays the bank transaction charges for charities - saving a further 1.7% per donation on average, something that no other fundraising site does.

Our vision is to change the future of giving in the UK - we strive for a world where fees for charities are non-existent.

How is this possible? It’s with the help of the business community - whether it’s through sponsorship, an affiliate or a monthly subscription, our business partners help us pay all fees for charities.

Our business partners also help us reward the generosity of our donors and fundraisers by offering exclusive discounts for their brands.

In return, Make a Donation works with these businesses to improve their social responsibility, connect with their communities, enhance their brand and promote their offers to our community.

Make a Donation offers a simple, effective solution which benefits all involved. We call it #morethanjustgiving

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