rendeevoo is a new style of dating app that wants you to meet new people IRL. There’s nothing sexier than a REAL conversation with someone, so why chat online with other profiles when you can easily have a drink with a real person?

Born and established in Shoreditch, rendeevoo naturally has that London spirit of bravery and confidence just like every other Londoner. Based on the strong belief that chatting online is a romance killer, rendeevoo provides a streamlined service that can take you to a handpicked bar with someone you mutually feel attracted.

Simply browse through people’s stories, select the one you find attractive or interesting, pick a bar of your taste from a hand-picked selection, and send your invite. If it gets accepted, all you have to do is order your first drink through the app to confirm.

In extent, the app’s interface is a self-defence for fake profiles and catfishing. There is a custom authentication algorithm in place to enforce that, but also the use of a bank card when booking a rendeevoo prevents unsolicited actions.

So, summing up, rendeevoo is a free iOS app that you can use by registering with your facebook account. You can book a rendeevoo in just a few taps, without any chat in between or other time-wasting activity. The app’s transparent business model, makes money ONLY from commissions charged to the bars on every booking. Every personal and financial information is kept fully private and stored in a safe location.

Today, rendeevoo serves east London with five exceptional bars located in and around Shoreditch. In the coming months, the coverage will expand to other London boroughs with Camden being the next stop.

The app is now available in the Appstore and the Android version will be released in early 2015.

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