The founder of a world-leading business coaching brand will be visiting Leeds Royal Armouries on 17th November to share the benefits of his experience with Leeds and Yorkshire based businesses as part of his international Billionaire Tour.

Brad Sugars, with his 22 years’ experience in building more than 40 businesses and amassing $150M fortune, is providing Leeds-based businesses with the chance to share his insights on how to grow and build wealth.

Following the tenets of his famous 5 Steps system, the charismatic Australian-born business leader offers a unique blend of motivation and practical skills to individuals seeing to buy, run and make super profits from their own local businesses, no matter what the economic climate. Known for simplifying the steps of building wealth, hundreds of Sugars’ students around the world credit his teachings with their ability to make millions.

ActionCOACH franchise owner Chris Fordy said: “We work with many Leeds based businesses across all sectors so I would encourage any business owner to attend. Last year the Harrogate event sold out as it attracted more than 700 strong delegates. This year I have helped invest in an even bigger Leeds based venue so businesses don’t miss out”.

Brad has gone from setting up his own coaching business to running an organisation with 1,000 offices across 58 countries and the Yorkshire leg of his Billionaire Tour will change the way business owners think about money, wealth, business and property.

“Nothing I’m going to teach you is rocket science,” says Sugars, “but what I will do is make the path to wealth and a successful life simple. I will lay it out for you as plain as I can, a path so simple that anyone with the will and desire to have a better life—a wealthier life—will find it works for them too.”

To find out more and book tickets, please visit and please use booking code YLCHF015

If you would like to speak to Chris Fordy who has grown and sold his £10M + business and is passionate about growing and building companies then please visit or email to book an appointment.

For interviews and information: Lisa Fisher Mob: 07763 216209

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1. Chris Fordy is the Managing Director of 4D Business Coaching (a franchise of ActionCOACH) which is the world's largest coaching organisation please see

2. Chris joined ActionCOACH in 2004 after a very successful career as owner/director of a Harrogate-based software firm that grew to £12 million and was sold to a global blue-chip corporation in 2002.

3. While the company grew at an average of 30% to 40% per annum, Chris grew his own business unit at 300% to 400% over a four-year period. Chris describes this as “like riding a huge wave on a very small surfboard”

4. While the experience was very rewarding at a personal and financial level, Chris believes that such success is achievable while significantly reducing inherent stress levels. He knows that he would have benefited from an objective, external viewpoint to clearly identify the problem areas and help him find ways through them. Chris joined ActionCOACH to help others achieve their dreams while reducing their levels of stress along the way.

5. Chris believes many business owners may only go through the process of growing their companies once and that they deserve to give themselves the best chance of success by taking advantage of the best help and advice around.

6. Chris is proud to be a part of ActionCOACH and believes in it’s proven methods and strategies to increase his clients’ profitability and cash flow, create stronger teams and release more of their precious time. This will benefit any business owner who has the desire and commitment to make a positive change in their lives and their businesses.

7. Chris is co-Author of “The Business Coach” with Brad Sugars, a multi-millionaire, entrepreneur and ActionCOACH’s global chairman, who has been an inspiration to him. Brad sugars will be running a business event in Leeds next Thursday please see

8. Chris is an Award winning coach, receiving a regional and European awards and a number of his clients have won business awards including York Business of the Year 2006.

9. Chris is an avid traveller and was able to travel across the world, presenting his company on a number of continents. He believes life should be an adventure and to this end he took a sabbatical from work in the mid-nineties to travel around the world The highlights of his trip included trekking and white-water rafting in Nepal, backpacking through Vietnam, travelling around Australia in a campervan and skiing for a season in Canada.

10. Chris lives with his partner Karen and their beautiful daughters Ffion and Phoebe in Harrogate. While Chris has lived in a number of places, he has called Yorkshire home for the past 25 years.