Most retailers have already placed their orders with their suppliers for the Christmas period. Most have their TV, Radio and Out of Home planned too. What else can retailers do in order to maximise their sales over the Christmas period?

Looking specifically at online marketing there are a few things that retailers could still do. First of all they could take a look at their Pay Per Click campaigns and make sure they are optimised. Making the Quality Score in Google as high as possible could enable them to run many more ads within the same budget.

Another quick win they can employ is the use of a platform like that from tech startup TRUSTist, which aggregates their reviews from around the web and then gets them stars in their natural search results and allows them to shout about their reviews from anywhere on Facebook posts, Tweets and posts on Google+. Many clients of TRUSTist have reported an increase in clicks from Google of over 200%. It only takes a day to set up and the results are pretty much immediate.

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We use clients reviews to get the stars in Google search results. This gets them more clicks and more sales.