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Pro-actif Communications

Getting Teenagers to turn off the wi-fi and pick up a pen

15 April 2014 10:00


A personal journal encompassing a collection of gently probing questions, mind games, thought experiments and homework assignments - all on your favourite subject: yourself.

With 49% of teenage girls keeping a journal and 95% claiming that they keep their personal emotions entirely off line, Burn After Writing Teen is THE personal journal that invites YOU to face all of the the big questions in life.
Have fun with it, or take it too seriously, or both. It’s up to you.
Burn After Writing asks the question - who are you really? And it keeps asking until you find yourself. This interactive book acts as the epic teenage journey of self-discovery. Hundreds of questions pry open the secrets of your psyche piece by piece.
Some questions are fun, some are deep and some are just plain random. You can take it deadly seriously, or just have fun with it, or both. Flick open the book at any page when you’re bored and answer the question.

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About Pro-actif Communications

Carpet Bombing Culture is your counter-cultural publisher par excellence. Our aim is to provide you, dear reader, with premium quality art and photography books littered with vitriolic and highly subjective commentary to aid you in pursuing the guerrilla warfare that is 21st century everyday life.*

We pride ourselves on having a sharp eye for the zeitgeist and remain ever poised on the margins of the maelstrom ready to leap in and snap up a subject at a moment’s notice. For this reason, our books seem to be almost supernaturally relevant and because we don’t care a fig for the norms of the publishing industry: we get books out in half the time, with twice the quality and often at half the price.

*We make books. You buy them. Your life is better.

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