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Get Social, Make Art, Be Awesome!

10 November 2015 09:30


Painty® - Pop Up Art Studio brings people together for a fun night of drinks and a simple guided tutorial by a professional artist on how to recreate a work of art. It’s a great night out, and a unique idea for a date! Painty®’s events cater to those who have little to no painting experience, so there’s no reason for anyone to be shy! Select local venues host events and booking information is found at
“As most artists do, I struggled to find a career that allowed me to express myself, until I learned that with your favourite tipple, everyone enjoys painting just as much as I do.” says Craig Gilman, Painty®’s founder.
“I love teaching art and people have fun learning, that’s why I’ve been really excited about establishing this creative business!”
A Painty® event, in a nutshell:
It’s best to check in about 30 minutes before the event begins, most establishments offer a full menu at the bar while you wait. Once you take your seat, Painty® will walk you through using your painting tools and then break down the evening’s picture into simple steps that you can follow. The canvas is yours; you can choose to experiment with it or replicate the steps shown, you’re the artist and Painty® provides the inspiration!
Partner Venues:
Are you a venue looking for a way to attract more customers? Join the other venues out there who are already taking advantage of this hot new trend. A Painty® event typically brings 20 people into your venue on a slow night of the week to paint, eat, and drink. Painty® transforms your empty, unused space into a regular event full of painting (and paying) customers, at no charge to you.
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Painty® is available to run private parties, corporate events and fundraisers!

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Pop Up Art Studio! Paint, Drink, Socialise! No experience required!
How many of us create all kinds of art as children, then stop developing our artistic side as we mature into adults?
Imagine having the opportunity to unleash your creative energy in an informal and friendly environment.
A fun night of socialising with friends, following the simple step by step instructions of a master artist from blank canvas to creating your very own masterpiece. A painting you can be proud of and take home at the end of the night!
Painty is a pop-up art studio that can be run anywhere, including workplaces and private homes.
Painty’s values are about fostering a fun, low stress, non-judgemental environment that inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating something from nothing.
We recognise the benefits of creativity in people’s lives for both personal and professional development. Our customers are young professionals, parents with children and companies with a desire for more unique experiences.
Our sessions include social events, parties, team building and art as meditation.

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