Of course we mean legal drugs - the ones you are producing every minute of every day - make them work for you:

‘A Gender Pay Gap exists in most organisations; the current national mean average is 17.4% and the Gender Pay Gap median average is 18.4% nationally’

Follow 3 key neuroscience tips to improve your chances:

· Build that relationship. ‘People are 6x more likely to make a deal with someone they like’ How will you release the oxytocin (relationship/trust neurotransmitter) in your counterpart?
Watch others closely to discover their real needs - what really drives and motivates your boss/manager? How can you lock into that?

· Start your meeting with shared vision. This stimulates the Pre Frontal Cortex (trust centre in the brain), invokes empathy and says ‘let’s work together’

· Success correlates with confidence just as closely as competence. Display confidence – speak early and often in calm and relaxed manner, lower your tone and use expansive arm gestures. Remind yourself frequently of your successes – this reinforces your neural pathways and becomes a habit, so releasing Dopamine (meaning you want more), Serotonin (a feel good mood enhancer) and Endorphins (your natural ‘happy’ drug).

Become addicted, become a neurochemical junkie!

(Interestingly research shows that women perform far better when under a pseudonym or in a blind audition – not always practical!)

Please contact me for more detailed information on how our neuroscience based communication and negotiation coaching and training is helping women achieve more.

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