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GDPR – The Unexpected Impact on Organisational E-learning

24 May 2018 16:45


E-learning providers have seen a significant spike in demand for compliance materials as a result of the new GDPR regulations. Susan Lankfer, Head of Client Relations at Comtec Translations, also reports an increase in demand for translations of GDPR resources and training tools from clients operating across the EU. Here she highlights some of the GDPR compliance training resources Comtec’s clients have developed.

“One of the unexpected impacts of GDPR is on organisational e-learning. For businesses and organisations it’s not just about ensuring that data processing is compliant with the new legislation, or that customers have provided positive consent for processing their personal data. Organisations also need to ensure that their staff across the globe understand their responsibilities in respect to GDPR, and that requirement has resulted in more demand for compliance training tools accessible in a variety of languages.” Susan Lankfer, Head of Client Relations, Comtec Translations

As a translation services provider, Comtec have translated a variety of compliance content for multinational clients and e-learning companies. Susan and the Comtec team work with leading e-learning providers and have seen first hand the range of resources they’ve created to communicate about GDPR.

Leading e-learning companies tackle GDPR

Comtec are very proud to support two of the leading e-learning companies in the industry: Logicearth and Sponge UK. Take a look at what they have developed to ensure GDPR compliance training is engaging, effective… and fun!

The GDPR game – Sorted! from Sponge UK

One of the most important ‘must haves’ of any compliance training material is that it’s engaging. Sponge UK have certainly got that sorted with their GDPR – Sorted! game. It’s an engaging visual experience, with intuitive game mechanics that gives employees a base of GDPR knowledge and then reinforces it through multiple levels and replays. Click on the link below to watch a preview.

Interactive, animated GDPR training from Logicearth

Logicearth has undoubtedly a refreshing approach to learning about GDPR. They have created 7 short animated topics with checklist takeaways – ensuring that no one will forget the rules. In a little over 20 minutes, staff will be aware of their responsibilities under the new legislation. In today’s busy office environment, this is a great time saver. Animation is a particularly effective way of engaging an audience and the characters and scenarios played out in the videos are easy to identify with irrespective of the local culture, which can be seen in this preview.

With the he GDPR ‘go live’ date on 25th May 2018, companies are now in the process of training staff here in the UK - or in other countries - about their responsibilities under GDPR. However on-going awareness and training programmes are also needed to embed GDPR compliance across global workforces long term. Compliance training materials, like those featured above, are highly effective at reinforcing key messages around GDPR and ensuring staff understand how it affects them.

Susan Lankfer is a language graduate and has been with Comtec for over 8 years. Starting as a Project Manager she is now Head of Client Relations where she ensures our clients receive the best possible service from our team. Connect with Susan on LinkedIn: and access more of her writing about multilingual E-learning:

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About Sponge UK

Sponge UK works with world-leading organisations to deliver better workplace performance using advanced learning technologies. At the heart of what they do is the learner – their inspiration for creating absorbing, custom e-learning solutions for real-world impact.

About Logicearth

Logicearth helps organisations bring digital transformation to their learning function, in the same way that other areas of business have already transformed. The company provides an integrated learning technology solution and a range of wrap-around services to help transform learning and training throughout your organisation.

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An award-winning translation agency, Comtec provides fast, accurate and high-quality translations, localisation and interpreting services in over 200 languages. A full service translation agency in the Midlands with over 35 years’ experience. We’re the trusted language partner for many leading companies who call on our expert knowledge of international business and languages to help them expand into new markets overseas.

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