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Gate Way Success Limited

Gate Way Success Ltd is proud to announce the lunch of it's work study program in partnership with the Worcestershire County Council.

05 June 2017 13:00


Gate Way Success Ltd has added to it's portfolio of qualifications, foundation study programs in partnership with the Worcestershire and Hereforshire County Councils. These programs are targeted at young individuals aged 16-18 in living in Worcester or Hereford. This program forms part of the council's initiative to tackle levels of unemployment and encourage young people to progress unto higher education by equipping them with the necessary qualifications and skills to do so.

These programs have in the past proven to be very effective as it motivates and inspires young people to want do more and have aspirations in life. I think every council in the country should have these kind of funded programs. A study or work program not only targeted at young people but that gets people back into work through vocational qualifications. It should be said that one of the greatest barriers our economy faces is the lack of money or the inefficient distribution of it. If the young are invested in, surly that can only be a good thing for the economy. This will have all the added benefits such as fewer people on benefit, few petty crimes on the streets by young individuals, greater leaders of tomorrow etc.

I think whoever forms the next government should have a review of the present funding rules. Smaller training organisations or providers are at the heart of the community and are better at engaging with the public. Every county council should have a clear mission. Get people out to study or work. You will find that most people want to but just lack the resource, motivation or inspiration to do anything about it.

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About Gate Way Success Limited

Gateway Success is a training and skills development Company providing bespoke training courses in Health and Care to meet all learners needs. At Gateway Success, we are dedicated to providing learners with access to high quality learning opportunities. We provide unmatched personal service to our students and clients, who are our first priority.

Gate Way Success provides affordable and bespoke learning and development options, for Health and Social care professionals.

The Centre offers career development, along with advice, guidance and support to aid career advancement.

Delivery is through blended learning, including distance learning and work based.

We aim to provide a range of training suitable for those entering the industry as well as those currently working within health and social care, allowing all health and social care professionals to diversify their knowledge and increase their potential to learn and earn.

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