Despite the uncertainty about how businesses will fare when the UK officially leaves the EU, one local firm remains confident of meeting their customers’ demands. East Anglia-based EA Garage doors is one of the country’s leading suppliers, installers and repairers of garage doors and currently imports some of their materials from Germany.

While recognising that Brexit could lead to a rise in prices due to a fall in the value of the pound and other factors, the company remains committed to offering existing and future customers high-quality products and services at highly competitive rates.

A company spokesperson this week said there was no loss of confidence in the business or fears for the future in a post-Brexit world, thanks to the kind of products they offered. He said: "Higher exchange rates may affect some products or services, but garage doors are not luxury products – they are a necessity. People will always look to install quality garage doors to protect their vehicles and other possessions, and that’s where we’ll continue to be of service.”

EA Garage Doors operates across Essex, East Anglia and beyond. A long established and well-known firm in the area, they offer a range of services including installing and repairing all kinds of garage doors and door parts. They also supply a wide selection of contemporary timber and steel garage doors. For more information about their products and services, or to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote for new garage doors, contact EA Garage Doors on 07522 846 797 or by email at

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