How we became a 2017 Future 50 disruptor

Spotting a serious shortcoming in the paperless & productivity app market whilst running our successful construction company gave us the impetus to start C Folio to change the current offering of 'sign up to our app' and 'never have time to set it up' model, to 'tell us what you need, provide all your paperwork and be handed a completed system in 4 weeks'

We don't want a business model of negative churn i.e. clients sign upon pay for a couple of months not getting any solution to their initial problem of paperwork, we actually want to help business people out and that will mean less but satisfied clients who will advocate why and what we are doing.

It great to have our service recognised by Future 50 as being disruptive as we are sure they are not many companies coming from our angle - we were originally looking for this service as we did not have the time to build our own solution and a bespoke build was outrageous in price so we've developed a platform where we can tailor this to suit the client delivering their procedures in a completely digitally managed way.

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After searching for a solution to our own paperwork and compliance woes only to discover a congested american market whose sole purpose was to generate 'user' fees without offering time starved clients a full turnkey solution we decided to start a company to provide this service.
C Folio understand the importance of processes and systems yet we want you to enjoy your business knowing that all paperwork is fully completed on every stage of the project. We take your paperwork and processes and make them digital and tailor our platform to suit your business allowing minimum administration yet providing you with 'live' real time data on what is happening in the business at anytime - your business will be fully compliant, responsive and enable positive cash flow by proving works have been carried out quickly. Clients will also prefer to give your company work as you'll make their life easier.