Dytel Technologies Ltd is a Pudsey based specialist engineer for the manufacturing industry. Founder Charles Adams has over 40 years’ experience in engineering solutions improve manufacturing processes, and with a loan from the Business Enterprise Fund (BEF) has been able to finance new contracts and grow his business.

“There’s so much innovation on your doorstep” explains BEF Investment Manager Jeremy Meadowcroft. “Amongst other things Dytel produce award winning inspection equipment for Rolls Royce aircraft engines, to assist in their manufacturing process – and they’re based in a tiny industrial estate in West Yorkshire!”

Charles is an innovator by nature. One of the bespoke inspection benches his team designs and builds is used to inspect components worth over £10,000. It’s therefore paramount that the equipment is precision engineered to safely deliver components through the manufacturing process.

From a blank canvas, Dytel produce according to the customer’s requirement, building solutions from the ground up.
“We don’t like repetition round here” said Charles. “We provide the solutions for larger companies, but often the payment process is very slow. BEF’s funding really helped fill a stop-gap and we can continue with building contracts.”

“I’m very glad to have had the support to get us where we are” Charles said. “There are only 8 of us here but we are one of hundreds of small businesses that contribute to the big industrial players.”

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About Business Enterprise Fund

The Business Enterprise Fund is a social enterprise that lends money to businesses in West & North Yorkshire & the North East, who are unable to get lending from the banks. As a social enterprise there are no share holders – all profits generated are reinvested into the business.