Full employment leads to a poorer performance, claim leading performance consultants

As latest data indicates, employment in the UK has consistently been at its fullest for over two decades. HR professionals are now being encouraged to focus on ‘Employee Engagement’ to minimise the effect of ‘Employee Complacency’ as the threat of redundancy diminishes.

Research highlights the benefits of increasing employee engagement:
• 87% of employees are less likely to leave their organisations
• on average 3.5% fewer sick days each year are taken
• 43% more revenue is generated

Performance professionals with over a century of collective experience have joined together to pool their insights to help medium sized businesses continue to get the best out of their workforce, despite the changed attitudes of employees that come when the fear of job losses lessens.

On June 29 in Edgbaston, Birmingham experts ranging from professional psychologists, sports coaches and HR specialists will address issues such as retaining employees, creating the next generation of talent, achieving motivation through removing diversity and the gender pay gap.

Leading the speakers, Pete Lindsay, the former Head Performance Psychologist at the English Institute of Sport will get you and your team performing at a higher level, Pete will cover several areas which combine performance psychology and employee engagement. Pete commented, ‘Improving the performance of individuals by even just a small margin has an enormous impact on the overall success of a business. Giving organisations the tools to achieve that marginal improvement is so important.’

Joining the platform, James Vincent, with two decades of performance enhancement and coaching experience added, ‘The conference will focus on how to engage with employees, not just to get the best out of them, but also to build loyalty. Whilst a high level of employment is seen by the country as a great position, the fact is we are still less productive than many of our counterparts. The target has to be both high employment and high productivity, and that’s what we are aiming to build through the experience at the conference.’
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