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From coal mine to luxury fashion

21 January 2016 12:00

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 22 January 2016 13:00

New luxury London based menswear company created by ex-industrial worker.

London, 21st January 2016. a luxury designer menswear company has created an all new range of items for men via an online store. Company founder Jay Bull whom previously worked in coal mines and construction has developed designs based on early Victorian clothing and released a unique collection of formal and casual wear.

"I have dreamt about doing this for a long time. The type of work I used to do was never for me. I always looked for something else", says owner Jay Bull. Born in Newcastle, Australia an Industrial town north of Sydney Jay moved to London to chase his dream. "People always ask me why did I move here? I always say that I love London. It offers enormous opportunities for people"

Jay originally worked in Mining and heavy industry and eventually moved to London and began by working in Construction. "When I moved here I continued doing the work I knew. I was working on huge projects like Wembley, Canary Wharf and the Dome. Now I'm in a much less physical environment and I love it. It is still a demanding role running your own business but the satisfaction is worth it."

The new Eversbrook range features clothing from smart blazers to jeans and polo shirts. The material is nearly all sourced in the UK with design and manufacture carried out in London. "We used the absolute best suiting material we could find which is made in the UK", said Jay. "We have created a unique UK made brand that really stands out. From interesting suiting patterns to four panel fitted shirts we are not your standard company".

For enquiries contact Jay Bull
T - 07780853719.

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Press Contacts

Jay Bull


Tel: 07780853719


About Eversbrook

The Eversbrook range of menswear was created to provide formal and leisure garments, all made in the UK.
The range is based on Victorian style, combined with modern materials and manufacturing processes. We wanted to capture the Victorian era when people wore a suit for every occasion, formal and informal.
England has such a rich history of suiting we decided that it was time to create a UK Luxury brand that is designed and made here. The majority of our fabric is also made in the UK.

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