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From classrooms to caring: local teacher turned business owner is changing lives

15 February 2017 12:15


Former Maidenhead teacher Rish Amod has dedicated his life to helping children achieve their dreams. Now, after almost thirty years in education, he’s traded the classroom for a live-in care business dedicated to the elderly. His mission, to provide dignity, compassion and the very best in at-home care.

Prior to opening his business, Promedica24, Rish was Head of English at Larchfield Primary and Nursery School in Maidenhead. However, the infamous red tape and politics of the UK system eventually wore him down like so many others before him.

“I left teaching after years of frustration in the education system. I originally went into the profession to help nurture a child’s potential and help them to be better people. But in the end bureaucracy took away the joy of teaching. State school has become very institutionalised and more of a box ticking exercise than focussing on what’s best for the students,” he explains.

Rish knew he could no longer face teaching but knew that he still wanted to do something that benefitted others. That’s when he began to think seriously about a care business. Here was the opportunity to not only improve the lives of others but to build a successful future for his own family in the process: “I remember thinking you know what, I’ve spent 26 years helping young children and now I want to help the elderly – this was my chance to really make an impact and escape the grind once and for all, so I took it!”

With no former business experience to draw on, Rish was keen to introduce the Promedica24 concept to his partner Zsuzsanna, a qualified NHS nurse. She too fell in love with the idea as her own first-hand experiences of care homes had left a bitter taste.

“Before Zsuzsanna became a nurse, she worked in two different care homes. It would really upset me how she was expected to take care of 20-30 residents at any one time – that’s not care, it’s incarceration. It’s not right. For me, Promedica24 is the shining beacon of hope – here is the compassionate, personal and dignified care we all want for our loved ones. It’s what they deserve and I’m immensely proud to be providing it.”

Promedica24 offers 24 hour live-in care service as a genuine alternative to residential care homes. Rish is passionate about his client’s right to choose where and how they are cared for. From simple companionship and support with everyday tasks to more advanced requirements such as Dementia, disability and end-of-life care. It’s clear that the local demand for the service is high - Rish opened the doors on his business in April and just two weeks later, began providing care to his first family.

Healthcare professionals and the families of those affected now recognise the benefits of caring for patients in the comfort of their own homes. In a recent study, 70% of elderly people said they would rather be cared for at home than go into care but the reality falls woefully short of that figure – something Rish is eager to change.

“Through our service, clients are able to maintain ownership of their homes as well as their personal belongings, which they are often prevented from doing so when moved into residential care homes. Our 24-hour companionship wipes out the crippling loneliness so often felt by those living for the short visits of standard domiciliary care workers,” he adds.
Even with his new business, Rish says that he wants to live life to the fullest, and he isn’t joking! This busy family-man enjoys sports, acting and travel and imparts his enthusiasm for life onto his stepson Adam. Who, at the age of 13 is already beginning to dream of following in Rish’s footsteps as a business owner!

Food for thought, Rish ponders…
“Owning a business that can make you good money whilst genuinely improving the lives of your clients is very special. Not all profits have such a feel-good factor to them but I don’t ever have to choose between morals and money again – do you?”

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About Promedica24

For more than a decade, Promedica24 has been providing live-in care to vulnerable adults as a genuine alternative to residential care homes. Our carers actually live in our clients home with them to provide one-to-one companionship and support. Promedica24 opened its first offices in Warsaw, Poland, in 2002 and since then, has expanded through Germany and the UK to become Europe’s largest provider of specialist live-in care.

We are passionate about our client’s right to receive the highest quality of care in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own homes. We firmly believe in the provision of care through kindness, experience, friendship and knowledge. We pride ourselves on making a difference to people’s lives and proudly set the standards in the care services industry. Promedica24 has positively impacted on the lives of over 24,000 families to date.

Franchise opportunity:
Why choose between making a profit or a difference? Promedica24 offers the opportunity for ambitious professionals from all walks of life to own and run a business that makes a real difference to people's lives. Our franchise partners operate at the heart of their local communities as ambassadors for care. Their role as is to educate and introduce healthcare professionals, and the families of those in need, to the services offered by Promedica24. Franchise partners assess, arrange and oversee the client /carer relationship for a truly bespoke solution and exceptional level of care.

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