From Celebrity skincare to organic, affordable luxury

Niche, Luxury Wellbeing brand Gloria Kennedy London have just launched their first online store selling special edition box sets of natural soy wax candles and organic soaps.

Over the last 20 years, Gloria has built up an extensive catalogue of organic soaps and balms, working exclusively on private commissions for celebrities and business people.

Gloria said: "With the increasing use of cosmetic surgery, along with the 24/7 media spotlight, I spotted a gap in the market.

"My savvy clients realised the need to use organic, personalised skincare products on their well maintained bodies."

In the goldfish bowl of media and celebrity, Gloria reserves praise for the 'ageless beauty of Sandra Bullock, Beyonce Knowles and the evergreen Jane Fonda', as well as Pharrell Williams, who she says "seems to be getting younger by the hour".

Approached by customers to widen her appeal she finally embarked on her first online retail journey with - launched late summer 2016.

For Christmas 2016, Gloria is launching with two signature edition gift sets of 3 votive candles, each set priced at £49.

Gloria added: "My approach is different to others in the industry- each votive must have the highest concentration of perfume to maintain the intensity (‘throw’) of each fragrance throughout the 17 hour burn.

A selection of her famous 100% organic soaps will be available shortly, followed by room sprays, diffusers and accessories which are now in production in the UK.

Gloria and her dedicated team have a somewhat, left-field approach to their work. Their inspiration can come from such disparate sources as travel, music, cuisine, books and art - think incense filled souks, Asian street food or the rhythms of Africa's teeming markets, but it can also come from closer to 'home' - independent bookstores, London’s pop-up shops, Hockney at the Tate, record shop vinyl, a walk along England's Jurassic coast or a lazy afternoon wandering the New Forest.

Edition 1 is inspired by the vastness of the night sky during a midnight stroll on Xanadu beach, Grand Bahama, the furthest island north of the Bahamas archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

Three inspirational creations followed:

1) Lunar; aromatic spices of red thyme, cinnamon and nutmeg are fortified in creamy coconut crème utilising hints of soft cyclamen and jasmine blossoms which are finally marinated in an oriental wooded base.
2) Twilight; a botanical delight with leafy green foliage fortified with fresh lavender tussles.
3) Amorous; a delicate floral scent married with Oriental woods and succulent sweet amber notes and serenaded in heady jasmine

Edition 2 has a notable Middle Eastern flavour. Inspired by the 'honeycomb' muqarnas of Moorish artisans and their indelible imprint on southern Spain. Added to that is the near perfection of Islamic symmetry and the intensity of North African spice.

1) Alhambra; precious patchouli spices a hue of sweet amber and soft vanillas. Lavender evokes the heart of the blend in a haze of meadow greenery protruding subtleties of eucalyptus, oak moss and morning dew leaf.
2) Royale; a regal fragrance of rich oudh, oriental woods and nutmeg spice. Luxurious jasmine and lavender empower the heart, intoxicated in sweet coconut infused vanilla pods and finished with a soft green garnish.
3) Bloom; a fresh façade of green apple, grapefruit and hint of berry lulled into a floral heart. Magnolia, lily of the valley and gardenia bathe in amber to sweeten the spring blush.

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