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TrooFoods Ltd

Fresh TrooGranola enters UK market

12 January 2016 11:45


Unbelievably most breakfast cereal available in the UK is month's old before it reaches your breakfast bowl - TrooGranola has been launched to challenge this; going from the oven to your bowl in just days!

You can truly taste the difference, the freshness comes through in the smell as well as the taste. It's crispier, toastier and jam packed full of yummy nuts, seeds and berries - not just padded out with boring cereals. Customers tell how it is " really different than the stuff you get in the supermarket" and " TrooGranola is the lightest, freshest granola I’ve found".

The TrooGranola model echoes others in the market place. Over the past few years in the UK we have seen the launch of a number of successful subscription food businesses - brands like 'Graze'; 'HelloFresh' and 'Pact Coffee'. TrooGranola is very similar, customers sign up to a weekly subscription that is made to order and delivered to their door. There is no long term tie-in, customers can pause or cancel their subscription at any time.

Launched by foodie and entrepreneur Helenor Rogers, TrooGranola is also about giving a bit back and building a loyal community of followers. The strapline is 'be troo to yoo' underlines this. They want customers to absolutely enjoy every mouthful of their product, but as important as this they want you to feel part of what they do and why they are doing it. Customer feedback is actively encouraged and new customers get a personal thank you card as well as an invitation to visit the HQ for a cuppa!

Aside from the goodness of the granola TrooGranola also want to add a bit back to society. They support staff in giving them time to help local communities in any way that suits them – already there is a school governor and a rugby coach on the team. They will also help support the local 'Folkestone Soup' community events; just the start of things to come.

TrooGranola would love you to try their products - just get in touch and some delicious, fresh granola will wing it's way to yoo...

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Helenor Rogers


Tel: 07411934700


About TrooFoods Ltd

At TrooGranola we want to make breakfast time an unmissable occasion by making our delicious, freshly toasted, hand turned granola and delivering it right to your door.

In moments you can have a bowl of the freshest granola with some yoghurt or milk; or if you’re in a rush you can grab some and eat it on the move.

We toast our granola in small batches at TrooFoods HQ by the sea in Folkestone and ship it to you within 24 hours. The freshest, most convenient granola around!

Helenor Rogers launched TrooFoods Ltd and the TrooGranola brand in January 2016 as it combined a few of her greatest passions – getting people to eat better food (especially for breakfast); building stronger communities and community spirit and entrepreneurship.

She has been on the look out for a great idea where she could put her energy and enthusiasm to good use for many years; and now the time has come…

Inspiration : the fact that there are 2.6bn missed breakfasts in the UK every year!

Ambition : to leave a legacy of positivity; in terms of spreading a ‘can do’ attitude; having a strong community impact and enjoying a happy, thriving family life.

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