Central Tickets, PingHub UK Supplier Member is offering Free London Theatre Tickets for Your Readers

Theatre fans in London and neighbouring counties can enjoy access to complimentary ticket offers by applying for free membership with Central Tickets and becoming a “seat filler”.

From time-to-time events in London need a little help “dressing the house” or “filling seats” and rely upon seat filling services like Central Tickets to send along their members to create a fuller audience. Central Tickets members are able to book these complimentary tickets, paying only a small admin fee per ticket (£3 on average) so long as they are willing to commit to attending the events that they book and be discreet about their role as a “seat filler”.

Central Tickets also help to provide an audience for comedy events, music concerts, classical music events, interesting talks and TV recordings. Central Tickets members benefit because they able to attend a wide variety of cultural events in and around London at a heavily discounted rate and the event organisers benefit by having more people in the audience - it's a win, win for everybody. At this very moment, Central Tickets members are able to choose between 12 different events happening this week in London and attend a different show every night of the week, potentially saving hundreds of pounds.

Only members are able to view the shows on offer and there is a short application process. It’s free to join and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

If you feel our service might be interesting to your readers and your audience we are available to provide more information.

For more information please visit:

Lee McIntosh or Hartmut Wuebbeler
71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden
Lee – 077 8011 8677
Hartmut – 077 8238 4039

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