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Forum of Private Business

FPB makes fresh calls for the appointment of the Small Business Commissioner, following positive results for the Grocery Code Adjudicator

20 July 2017 15:15


The Forum of Private Business is calling for the appointment of the much-promised Small Business Commissioner, after positive news from the Grocery Sector yesterday.

The first Grocery Code Review, published yesterday, outlined the positive impact of the Groceries Code Adjudicator, citing a positive change in the relationship between large retailers and their suppliers as well as a reduction in unfair trading practices.

Chief Executive of the Forum, Ian Cass, said: “We welcome the news in the grocery sector. It’s good to see that when the government gets the right person in place they can make a real difference to business.

“We hope that the Small Business Minister will now focus some time on improving the Pub Code Adjudicator’s effectiveness and getting the new Small Business Commissioner appointed.

“Unfortunately, in the case of the Pub Code Adjudicator there have been issues with a lack of trust from the trade and a slow start in delivering against the pub code.”

Looking closer at the need for a Small Business Commissioner, Ian Cass added: “We need the right person, with the right power, to make sure they can do their job properly.

“The Forum has consistently been pushing for a commissioner that has the power to be able to act on more than just late payments, and to have more powers to be able to penalise bad practices by larger companies that commercially exploit small and micro business.

“At a time when small business really needs some support we don’t have a small business commissioner.”

Notes to editors:

More information about the Groceries Code Adjudicator’s (GCA) first review is available here:

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