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Forum of Private Business

Forum welcomes the new team

15 July 2016 15:30


A Week ago the Forum of Private Business was expressing its concerns in Westminster and with the then chancellor George Osborne, that the first step in its ten point plan was not happening quickly enough:-

Clear direction and confidence. “Let’s see a clear and decisive statement from the government saying who is in charge and what the government intend to do from now until a new leader is in place. We need to know exactly what they are doing and who is doing it; we need to see a plan and a strong united team working on it.”

Ian Cass, MD of the Forum said, “this time last week the Forum expressed its fears that the lack of leadership, direction and a protracted process to put a new government team in place had the potential to destroy consumer and business confidence and make a difficult situation even worse, well, as Harold Wilson reportedly said “a week is a long time in politics” and we now have a new Prime Minister and a new government team at the top, we hope they now give a clear direction to the economy and confidence to small firms”
“Over the next few weeks they will need to come up with a plan to unite the country and turn the Brexit vote into an opportunity for UK companies”.
“Around 17% of our members export and need to know as soon as possible how they will be trading with other European nations as soon as possible.
The Forum will fully engage with the new government team on behalf of our members and hope they take notice of the member’s views that were expressed in the Forum’s 10 point plan.

10 Point Plan:

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