The Forum of Private Business is encouraging the future government to create conditions for an increase in business performance and productivity both in UK trading and exporting overseas.

“A one percent increase in productivity achieved across the UK macro economy would add almost £20 billion to our national output. It would also reduce the annual government deficit by around £8 billion, add £250 a year to the average wage packet and increase annual profits across the country by almost £3.5 billion. Small rises in business productivity have a massive impact”, claims Ian Cass, Chief Executive of the Forum.

“The issue we have is that it is becoming increasingly clear that the government, ministers and MP’s do not fully understand how a small business works. Their own Regulatory Policy Committee pointed out, “Too often departments have failed to provide relatively basic evidence such as the proportion of those affected by regulations.”

All businesses have their challenges, opportunities and motivations but small businesses make up the largest part of the UK economy and it’s important that government understands them, makes regulation that helps rather than hinders them and addresses the issues that stop small business people building and developing their business and making it more productive,” adds Ian Cass.

The Forum sets out its ten point wish list:

1. A commitment to a better understanding of small business, their issues, opportunities and threats and to start introducing better regulation that helps, not hinders, them.
2. Small businesses frequently find themselves operating at a disadvantage to large businesses, and have a couple of simple requests from government. To make it simpler to do business and give them a level playing field to operate on.
3. Clear communication of Brexit negotiations, keeping businesses well informed of the direction if not the detail.
4. Rewarding successful entrepreneurs. Consecutive governments have gradually removed rewards, and the dividend threshold should be raised to 10k for small business owners, the majority of who do not pay themselves the living wage.
5. Simplification of the tax system. Government needs finally to start working on simplifying and equally applying the tax rules in the UK.
6. Removal of unnecessary red tape that gets in the way of creativity and productivity.
7. A focus on education and training, addressing the skills gaps in the UK economy.
8. Promotion of good business practices, such as healthcare and stress issues.
9. Actively to put in place a regional rebalancing of the UK economy.
10. Clarifying the business rates discussion with an educated proactive debate on the future of our high streets and how business rates impact on this as part of our industrial strategy.

The Forum of Private Business is committed to helping the incoming government get closer to small business through its “Get Britain Trading” initiative, as set out in its website at

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About Forum of Private Business

The Forum of Private Business is a not-for-profit comprehensive business support organisation founded in 1977. Our membership is spread throughout the UK and primarily made up of companies that employ between 1-50 employees, helping them to manage employees, saving time, giving advice, support and protection where a business needs it.

We are a recognised leading authority on business issues and represent the interests of business owners on many consultative bodies. We have built a solid reputation, being influential in many areas of policy-making, in changing laws that affect small businesses, and we continue to campaign for the fair treatment of businesses within the UK.

Everything we do is about making sure our members’ businesses operate profitably. This means that every penny we make goes back in to supporting our members, providing the support and resources that will enable businesses to flourish and grow.