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Forum of Private Business

Forum advice: “keep calm and carry on, but plan for change in your own time”

24 June 2016 12:15


The Forum is advising members to continue with business as usual and, while the political landscape has changed, ultimately commerce has not.

Ian Cass, Managing Director of the Forum of Private Business, has 5 key suggestions to help employers to respond effectively to the decision to vote to leave.

1. Keep a positive frame of mind, at times of great change there are always new opportunities to watch out for and it also provides business with an opportunity to try new ideas and do things differently
2. Make sure you have a plan for your business, be in control don’t let the circumstances control you
3. Make sure you keep a close eye on your cash flow and stay in control of your finances.
4. Talk to your employees and make sure they are reassured and motivated.
5. Conduct business as usual, keep calm and deal with what’s put in front of you.

“The British people have made their decision and rather than focussing on division and recriminations we now need to get on with business. Inevitably there will be a period of uncertainty and the first thing we need from our leaders is a calm and measured response that builds confidence and a positive view to move the economy forward”, said Ian Cass.

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