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Fortis Health Ltd


07 October 2014 16:20


The founders of Fortis Health know how a fast paced lifestyle can result in neglect of one’s health. Kuldeep worked in a hectic investment management environment, operating professionally alongside some of the most prosperous and clever people in the city. He noticed one thing about these busy, in-demand individuals – their health was at the epicenter of their daily abilities but its maintenance was all too often overlooked. The consequences of neglecting one’s health resonate everywhere and are detrimental to the workplace - from weight gain, mood swings, tension, and negative energy at the least to a full-scale abuse of health at the worst. This is not good news for the work place, or for the individual wondering why they aren’t meeting their potential.

Despite sounding clichéd, a healthy body can very much mean a healthy mind and both are invaluable tools for anyone striving to thrive rather than merely survive. As Fortis Health Founder Kuldeep Dusanj asserts ‘The one basic law that insures you’re always performing best whilst working in a stressful environment is good mental and physical health’. Kuldeep became obsessive over the concept that it is fundamentally illogical to turn a blind eye to the foundation of a successful life. He met James, whose entrepreneurial spirit saw the pair come together to scour the shelves of Holland and Barrett to find the kind of products they envisaged at a price they felt was fair. They did not find what they were looking for and challenged the market gap. From this the seeds of Fortis Health were sown and shortly after the company launched the product Fortis Slenda, thus pioneering green coffee weight loss supplements in the UK.

The science behind green coffee extract points towards its weight loss benefits. As a product whose innovative formula includes the extract of green coffee, Fortis Slenda boasts great results – it comes with endorsements from leading UK nutritionists and testimonies from users, all of which point towards it’s benefits and success rate. Recent clinical trials showed a 5.7% body weight decrease when embedding Fortis Slenda into a varied and balanced diet and active lifestyle. Other studies, such as that published in the medical journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity have found participants shedding an average ten percent of their body weight.

Although there are other green coffee extract slimming aids on the market, none operate as relentless a manufacturing process as Fortis Health, something that the founders have felt imperative since visiting manufacturers from India to Geneva and take much pride in. Fortis Slenda undergoes seven testing stages, monitoring the highest quality of raw ingredients and ensuring the production process is contaminant-free.

At its core Fortis Health aim to build a ‘Team of wellness warriors’, so even if you don’t pick up a packet of Fortis Slenda today remember to keep an eye on your health if you want to get in line for that promotion, date or completed to-do list!

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About Fortis Health Ltd

Kuldeep Dusanj (Founder) & James Pattison (Founder) are available for comments and health advice
Additionally we have a host of UK Nutritionists working as Fortis Health advisers, willing to provide health tips and advice.

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