The trend for eating healthy, high protein foods has been embraced by British-based company Fori. They have created a range of Paleo-inspired, high protein savoury snack bars, guaranteeing that you no longer have to compromise your nutrition for convenience. Each bar is perfect as a healthy meal replacement when you’re out exploring or, as an energising snack when you’re on the run.

Fori bars are high in protein, Paleo-friendly (dairy, wheat and grain free) and low in sugar, making them the obvious healthy savoury snack choice and a real alternative to the many overly-processed and artificially sweetened snack bars available.

The authentic flavours of Fori bars stem from the simple, whole food ingredients they contain. Quality is key as only use the finest grass-fed or free-range meats are used plus seeds, fruits and herbs, and each bar is handcrafted using age-old techniques. They come in four delicious flavours:

• Chilli Beef
• Moroccan Lamb
• Thai Turkey
• Piri Piri Chicken

Each 69g bar is the love child of a premium jerky and a top-notch granola bar (without the sticky stuff). Sweet spices combined with bold meat flavours deliver a supremely satisfying punch of flavour with every bite.

Flavour and Nutrition Profiles:

Chilli Beef - PROTEIN: 20.2G / SUGAR: 3.5G / FAT: 4.3G / SALT: 0.8G
Packed with protein and seasoned with chilli, these bars are made with oven-baked, grass-fed British beef, sunflower seeds, tangy cranberries, dates, egg white and chilli. This creates a snack that tastes great, is high in protein and gives long lasting energy. If you like the ‘meatiness’ of jerky without the chew, then you'll love this bar!

Moroccan Lamb - PROTEIN: 20.2G / SUGAR: 2.9G / FAT: 4.9G / SALT: 0.8G
Prime grass-fed lamb has been oven baked to perfection with mint, tangy ginger, sweet apricots, sunflower seeds and spices to create a natural snack bar that’s high in protein and low in sugar. Sweet spices combined with the bold flavour of lamb and crunchy seeds deliver a supremely satisfying punch.

Piri Piri Chicken - PROTEIN: 20.2G / SUGAR: 4.3G / FAT: 6.6G / SALT: 1.3G
The finest British free-range chicken is baked with a mix of tangy dried cranberries, chia seeds, crunchy pumpkin seeds, dried apricots and chilli, making each bite a deliciously fiery treat!

Thai Turkey - PROTEIN: 20.4G / SUGAR: 3.2G / FAT: 6.3G / SALT: 1.0G
These oven-baked, free-range turkey bars are combined with a tantalising combination of coconut, tangy lemongrass, egg white and chia seeds to deliver a fresh twist on the ultimate snack. Inspired by the traditional taste of Thai dishes, this turkey bar is both big on flavour and macro nutrients.

Fori bars are available from and Selfridges.
Price: Explorer Pack £11.96 for 4 x bars (one of each flavour) or £32.29 for 12 x pack of a single flavour  
All social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @ForiHQ 
For more information please contact Charlotte Moore on 07725347929 or

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