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Norigami HQ Ltd

Food start-up, Norigami HQ, offers the perfect solution for your New Year’s resolutions. Delicious and beautiful meets gluten, wheat and dairy-free.

21 December 2017 12:15


Trend setters, innovation followers and food lovers have found their new mecca. Norigami, the love child of sushi and a sandwich, is launching in London, and those who thrive on new, tasty and healthy foods are flocking to what has been called “the answer to lunchtime cravings.”
Norigami HQ, a food start-up founded by food lover and traveller Arthur Liegeois, fuses the best of eastern and western tastes in one delicious handful. His 'rice sandwiches' incorporate delicious fillings, inspired by global street food trends, wrapped in rice and seaweed. It's unique and it's finally here.
"I searched for years to find a lunchtime option that satisfied my dietary requirements and my discerning taste buds. The search was typically a frustrating one, and I finally decided to create the solution myself. I took a home-grown Japanese product which checked the desired gluten/wheat/dairy-free boxes, and recreated it with western and global flavour twists."
Thursday, 18 January, marks the launch of Norigami’s catering delivery service, giving Londoners a healthy alternative to their countless holiday meals. It’s great for business meetings and events and is available through CaterWings, CityPantry and Norigami’s website. For those anxious to be amongst the first to taste something new, this is your chance to get the year started right.
Go to, or to place your order.
Visit for details, recipes and a brief history of Norigami.
For more information, contact Arthur Liegeois at or 07907747976.

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Press Contacts

Arthur Liegeois

Managing Director & Founder

Tel: 07907747976


About Norigami HQ Ltd

Norigami is our hero product and it is inspired by a well known rice sandwich in Japan called onigirazu. Onigirazu is known in Japanese culture since 1990. We liked the idea, but we wanted to take it to the next level by inventing our own recipes.

As a French man, I was very lucky to start travelling when I was very young, and the world soon became my oyster. There are amazing combinations of flavours all over the world and we wanted to use that diversity in what we do.

Actually, Norigami HQ aims at creating much more than food, we get involved in projects to serve the community around us. We partner with suppliers who have a sustainable and passionate approach as much as we can. And we involve our staff in our decisions by using Apple’s Credo in our day to day management.

All of our Norigami are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts.
We constantly innovate, invent, disrupting the codes is part of our DNA.

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