Meet lingerie brand whose 50% of customers are men
A lingerie brand for women owner turned to an unusual trick to increase sales – she turned to men who are now buying her lingerie. Some of them buy it as presents but most of them buy it for themselves.
Ella Vine, the founder of Ella Vine lingerie brand, reached out to the transgender and cross-dressing community with her underwear garments and she saw sales rocketing since then. Now 50% of her customers are men and some of her most loyal customers are crossdressers, men who like to wear women’s clothing.
This is due to the fact that Ella offers a discrete online service, large sizes and, she says, most are due to an innovation she made in lingerie, as she invented a convenient way of attaching stockings to a suspender belt, via simple poppers. This makes it easier and quicker to attach stockings and men and women alike love this.
Ella says: ‘’I know from research that male customers of other lingerie big brands are only a tiny percentage, like 2%. This makes it shocking comparing to my male customer base, which is 50%. And these are returning customers, whom I welcome. It is by reaching out to the trans and cross-dressing community that I increased sales and made my brand as established and welcoming trans and cross-dressing customers. I take their views on board and design sizes and styles that also suit the male customer physique. There is a considerable section of the male population who in one way or another like to wear women’s clothing. They often feel that they’re being underserved as customers and they feel hidden or not understood. More needs to be done to help them feel confident. At Ella Vine, we are fully committed to equality’’.
Ella has been able to do that by working with the UK's leading support organisation for the trans community, TransLiving and a top international magazine of the same name. Shane Marcus Editor, of Transliving, said: ‘’It is so great to see another company considering the trans community when it comes to the sizing of their garments. As Editor of Transliving Magazine and operating a trans Helpline via our membership support group we are always being asked for outlets to get various things from, but more importantly, those that are considered trans-friendly. I think it is fair to say that Ella Vine has adopted the policy that labels are for clothes and not for people making her a company I shall have no problem recommending. If you are reading this and need support please contact us on 01268 583761 or"
For more information contact Ella Vine tel. 07943728710, email
Ella Vine lingerie website

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