“I am amazed and so grateful for the response we have received so far and how the community is embracing us – from festivals this summer to our first appearance at the Om Yoga Show in Alexandra Palace.”

One year after launching the brand Moon Tribe’s first collection “Discover Your Light” can now be found in London’s leading yoga studios, The Life Centre and Triyoga, as well as selected boutique studios across London as well as in Auckland, New Zealand.

“Moon Tribe is truly a global brand and community!” laughs the founder Simona Schimanovich. In a decade of travelling and experiencing yoga retreats, teacher trainings and festivals worldwide it struck her that the yoga community is intrinsically connected.

“Wherever I went from London to Los Angeles, India, Bali or Australia - it was always easy to connect with other yogis. This is how the idea of the Tribe was born. I wanted to celebrate this vibrant global community.” Simona explains.

Moon Tribe’s first collection of tops allows yogis to share their conscious lifestyle as much in the yoga practice as during the day. The intriguing designs created by Simona combine sacred geometry with a golden crescent moon, the brand’s trademark.

A universal symbol everyone can relate to, the moon is connected to the mystical and our intuition. The cycles of the moon remind us of the natural rise and fall of energy from new moon to full moon - affecting oceans, animals, as well as us humans who consist of 70% water. In yoga the lunar practice is related to the slower, more subtle and advanced practices such as yin yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.

A Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher herself Simona is passionate about creating a brand that honours the ancient roots and spiritual aspects of the practice:
“With a background in design and having worked in some of the best digital agencies in London over the last decade I wanted to create a yoga label that offers clothes with a deeper and more meaningful message – as yoga is so much more than just a physical exercise.”

Moon Tribe’s vision is embraced wholeheartedly by some of the UK’s and internationally leading yoga teachers. Their nine light bearers - as the brand calls their ambassadors - are inspiring teachers leading teacher trainings, head-lining yoga festivals and supporting the brand spreading the word between London, Doha, Bali and Melbourne.

“We are honoured to have these amazing teachers alongside on this journey! Some incredibly inspiring male teachers are supporting the brand as well - which means a lot to me as I always wanted Moon Tribe to be a brand for both men and women as finally more and more men discover the benefits of the yoga practice.”

Moon Tribe’s ethos is based on creating good karma in all directions. All their garments are ethically produced, fair-trade and only use natural fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo.

With their campaign ‘Share the moon’ the brand is expecting high demand in the run-up to Christmas as the tops make for beautiful gifts for your favourite yogis.

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About Moon Tribe

Moon Tribe is a new label for mindful movement designed in London. We create ethical clothes for contemporary yogis to inspire us and share our conscious lifestyle.

We are on a journey to spread higher vibrations and connect our tribe of mindful movement, celebrating this vibrant global community.

The brand was founded by Simona Schimanovich – a free spirit, art director and yoga teacher – and launched in London in 2016.